Spur Gastropub: The culinary spur of Belltown

Spur Gastropub: The culinary spur of Belltown

Seattle Restaurant Week participant

The last day of fall Seattle Restaurant Week marks another successful celebration of Seattle's extensive cuisine scene, featured at more than 150 local restaurants with a three-course set menu for $28. What's not to love?

Spur Gastropub in Belltown deserves a special mention for romantic ambiance, exquisite dishes and strong cocktails. A rainy Monday evening hosted a small, intimate crowd in dim candlelight with The Good, the Bad and the Ugly playing silently behind the bar. A large screen displayed projected black and white images of iconic Seattle landmarks in another time.

The meal commenced with a brown butter sunchoke soup with fresh caraway creme and sweet currants and a mustard leaf salad with aged cheddar, candied pecans and oaked apple cider vinegar dressing. The combination of the bright, liquefied artichokes with the thick cream and squishy currants was magic in a bowl while the sugared nuts, savory cheese and apple cider dressing provided a pleasant contrast to the warm, creamy soup. 

The soup and salad were followed by pan roasted trout, accompanied with fingerling potatoes, fennel and an olive vinaigrette and tagliatelle pasta with oyster mushrooms, pine nuts and fresh Parmesan. The thin cut of trout was doused in select spices that mingled well with the potatoes and fennel, while the oyster mushrooms, nuts and cheese were covered with an overeasy egg whose yolk broke over the pasta, giving it a bright, appealing appearance. 

The icing on the cake, or on the meal as it were, was the warm chocolate custard with caraway shortbread, frozen yogurt and huckleberries. The chocolate was rich and tantalizing, contrasting well with the shortbread, yogurt and fruit.

The meal was accompanied by two different drinks to accommodate the two diners' preferences: a glass of house cabernet sauvignon and a caipririnha, both in which were pleasant and effective. Visit Spur during their last evening of fall Seattle Restaurant Week or any evening beginning at 5 p.m. for a delicious meal in a comfortable, inviting environment. Bon appétit!