Contigo Seattle

Contigo Seattle

Modern Mexican cuisine on the move

You've heard about the "food on the move" phenomenon: full-service food trucks that mobilize to key locations daily, often with new menus. Contigo Seattle certainly falls in the mobile food truck category, but it's not your average street food experience. This modern Mexican food truck offers four outrageously delicious menu items at six different locations, six days a week. On Saturdays, Contigo is available for private events and catering. 

The first notable feature of Contigo's cuisine is their entirely gluten-free menu. Their savory tacos, gorditas, soup and fresh salad will accommodate most dietary needs without any sapidity compromises. Apart from their gluten-free menu, Contigo's portion sizes are perfect for a light lunch, rich with select ingredients and flavor.

Their four taco varieties are between $2.50 and $3, featuring flavors like chicken mole, mushroom, carnitas rojas and short rib. As a vegetarian diner, the spiced mushrooms and poblano cream were a pleasant combination in a soft shell taco. My dining Seattleite coworker, who considers himself a mole connoisseur, claimed the black mole in the chicken taco to be the "best mole in Seattle."

Find Contigo on a street near you in Seattle, six days a week.

Warm and fresh, Contigo's $2 gorditas are heaven during a lunch break. The sweet potato & pecan variety provides the perfect savory and sweet flavor when combined with queso fresco and the gordita's soft exterior. If the sweet potato gordita is any indication of their other varieties, street food enthusiasts should be eager to try their pork migaja, tres quesos and spicy greens & caramelized onion gorditas too. 

Contigo's $4 arugula salad with chipotle vinaigrette is a cool, complementary finish to the warm, savory quality of their tacos and gorditas. Abundant with jicama, dried mango, pumpkin seeds and queso cotija, the baby arugula and spicy chipotle dressing complete the salad in a pleasant manner. Rumor has it Contigo offers specialty desserts on occasion, too!

Find Contigo on a street corner near you in Seattle. They're parked in South Lake Union on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at the Pi Building on Tuesday, at Fifth and Union on Thursday and in West Seattle on Sunday. The next time you see their black, graphic truck, walk up and enjoy a taco or two. ¡Buen provecho!